“Sharing knowledge and experience” is what connects all my endeavours so far:
whether as a dancer, as a tour manager in South America, a festival organiser, as city guide in Amsterdam, cooking delicious meals for friends, as yoga teacher or as a coach.

In essence it all boils down to my deep longing of sharing what is important to me. My mission is to inspire people to reconnect to their life purpose by finding the “common denominator” which characterizes the energizing and joyful things they do and dream of. Getting clarity about those aspects in my own life, now makes me your trustworthy and inspiring guide on your path of self-discovery.

Share | Grow | Inspire

About 15 years ago I had my first encounter with the powerful practice of yoga, which slowly and gradually changed the way I look at life, the way I treat life and how I eventually learned to flow with life – rather than struggling against it.


Yoga has less to do with standing on our head than standing on our own two feet and the physical practices of Yoga remain mechanical gymnastics until transmuted by our intention to clarify the mind and open the heart.”
~ Donna Farhi


My personal life changing moment happened in 2013 when I got burned-out as a dedicated and hard-working personal assistant. With the right support around me – a loving, supporting partner, my personal yoga practice, a trustworthy therapist and later a motivating and inspiring coach – I was able to change this breakdown into a profound breakthrough.

I’m grateful for this turning point in my life as the forces of the universe manoeuvred me to follow my calling and pick up long forgotten dreams. I decided to participate in a 500+ hour yoga teacher training at Svaha Yoga Amsterdam and to become a certified Creative Consciousness Coach. Simultaneously, I returned into my regular job as personal assistant now being able to keep a more healthy life-work balance. Nevertheless, I felt a longing to focus on sharing yoga and coaching full time, and that’s when I quit my office job.

I now dedicate all of my time to healthy, mindful living, coaching, yoga and organizing retreats and workshops. In fact I do the things that give me joy, peace and energy and by doing so passing it on to the people around me.


We have two hands: in one had we receive what is given to us and with the other we pass on what we can share. By doing so we become a channel of goodness in our lives.”
~ Karolien


2005 Ashtanga Yoga Foundation Course @ Yoga Moves, Utrecht
2006-2007 Macrobiotic cooking classes at The Kushi Institute of Europe
2010-2012 Yin Yang Yoga immersions and retreats with Simon Low (London)
2014 Yoga Teacher Training 500+ hrs at Svaha Yoga with Patrick Vermeulen & Gösta van Dam (Amsterdam)
2015 Two-day intensive: Integrating pregnant yoginis in a vinyasa yoga class by Liese van Dam
2015-today Self-development programs as offered by Creative Consciousness

Master 1 “A new state of Consciousness – the awareness process”  – Dec 2015
Master 2 “The Expansion Process” – April 2016
Master 3.1 & 3.2 “Consciousness Coaching Process” – Oct 2016
Mastery of Relationships – Oct 2016
Master of Success – Dec 2017
Master of Money – Aug 2018

2017 Travelling in India
2017 Certified Creative Consciousness Coach, ICF accredited (www.cc.coach/Karolien)
2018 Three-week non-dual hatha Yoga Training in India with Clive Sheridan
2018 Five Elements weekend-retreats at The Potential School by Dieke Dee and Marieke van Sprundel

My personal journey of transformation continues and deepens by participating in retreats, workshops and classes. I study with national and international yoga teachers, such as Clive Sheridan, Sharon Gannong, Jules Febre, Mark Whitwell, David Lurey & Mirjam Wagner, Liese van Dam, Dieke Dee, Marieke van Sprundel etc.