My mission is to inspire you to listen to the needs and heartfelt desires of your body and soul and to cut through any obstacles that keep you from shining brightly as the star that you already are.

Slowing down. Moving with awareness.


Looking. Feeling. Listening. Connecting.

Mindfully taking steps into your chosen direction.

It’s a journey inward to reconnect to your innate longings and feelings and learn to listen to your inner voice of guidance. Feeling firm ground under your feet again with regards to what you want and what supports you. Being able to make choices in line with that and staying at the same time resilient and flexible, dancing with the forces that guide you rather than struggling against the current.

I guide people on this journey of self-discovery and self-reconnection by sharing the tools of yoga (postures, conscious breathing and mediation), offering empowering coaching sessions and organizing retreats and workshops.