Ontmoet het team van de Sparkling Pyrenees Yoga Retreats

De retraites zijn een initiatief geweest van Inge en Karolien. Samen legden zij in 2018 het eerste fundament voor deze prachtige yogaweek. Het team is gestaag gegroeid en ondertussen vormen Inge, Karolien, Tanya en Marjolein de vaste kern. Ze stellen zich hier even voor (in het Engels). 


"Yoga came into my life some 15 years ago when I was a tour manager in South America. I loved the way the physical asana practice made me feel and how easily I could integrate this practice in my ever changing life.

At Svaha Yoga Amsterdam I truly experienced how asanas can be combined with (mantra) music and philosophy and this inspiring combination got me fully hooked.

The power of mantra music dazzles me again and again and I love to chant mantras in class and as part of my personal practice. I’m amazed by the power of this practice that propels me immediately into my heart and all problems seem to vanish.

As yoga teacher and personal leadership coach I enjoy passing on what means so much to me and gives me so much joy, peace and energy. I create a safe atmosphere in which I guide beginners through the practice and deepen the practice of the more advanced. 

Teaching dynamic slow flow vinyasa classes in which movement is in harmony with the beat of the breath and music is what I enjoy best. Yin and Restorative yoga classes also belong to my repertoire, in which postures are held in a comfortable way for a longer time, moving thus at a slow pace with a focus on deepening the breath and calming the mind, taking our time to arrive fully in the body."


"My introduction to yoga happened in the foothills of the Himalayas, in India, about a decade ago. When I started practicing regularly in Amsterdam at Svaha Yoga, I was hooked.

Practicing and teaching yoga enriches my life every day. In my work as psychologist and coach I bring in yoga philosophy and breathing and my personal practice is ever evolving. In my classes I combine philosophy, meditation, mantra singing and classical hatha yoga practices with breathing techniques and active forms of vinyasa flow. I invite you to tune into the breath, into the body and into relaxation. From there we can build strength and receptivity. Honouring all levels of experience, I guide and challenge you in a soft and loving way, recognizing each individual’s needs."


"My yoga journey began 14 years ago when I stepped onto a yoga mat for the very first time, and I  haven’t looked back since! I came to yoga searching for a way to release tension that accompanied a stressful job, and stayed because it provided me with so much more. I find clarity and presence on the mat and believe in the true healing powers of yoga. For the past 7 years it has been an absolute joy to share my passion by teaching Vinyasa, hatha, and yin yoga based classes around Amsterdam and my hometown of Montreal, Canada.

This practice of oneness is within everyone, and for some it is more accessible, others have to dig deep to find it, so my teaching style is encouraging and compassionate, providing a safe space to explore what might come up during the practice. I love to include storytelling and chanting in my classes with some laughter sprinkled in, a light hearted approach to what can be some pretty heavy stuff!

Yin yoga is a tool I continue to use on a journey of self love. Learning to slow down, and relax into the present conditions without judgement, provides me with awareness of the powerful mind/body connection we all have, and guides me through this beautiful experience called LIFE."


"For many years I have been attracted by the power of massage, because receiving them was a way to become present in my body and with that return my busy mind to the here and now. That’s why I decided to make a career switch and to become a professional massage therapist so I can pass on what gives me such a deep feeling of being relaxed and alive.

I am on this journey now for some years and I am studying different types of massage including relaxation, Vreeling deep tissue, Thai yoga massage (mat/table, deep tissue, chair and foot reflexology), and shiatsu. My massage style is a personal mix of the above. I tune in on what is needed for you and your body at that moment to give you the best experience. I might also include Reiki and the use of essential oils.

On my life’s journey I came across Calimero, who is my best non-human friend and a precious teacher for how to live in the Now. Being and working with him makes me even more aware of how amazing the body and the mind connect. This, I incorporate in my massage practice: staying in the now and holding the space for you to simply be."