Weekly classes 

09:30 Level 2 Intense Flow @ Svaha Yoga Downtown Studio
20:00 Level 1 Moderate Flow @ Svaha Yoga Jordaan Studio
20:00 Level 3 Extreme Flow @ Svaha Yoga Jordaan Studio

10:00 Level 1 Moderate Flow @ Svaha Yoga Jordaan Studio
12:00 Level 2 Intense Flow @ Svaha Yoga Jordaan Studio

What kind of yoga do I offer?

I practice and teach vinyasa yoga, yin yoga, pranayama (breathwork) and meditation. Besides that I have a whole toolkit available to integrate pregnant women in a regular yoga class. In all my classes I tune in on your personal alignment and adapt the practice to personal needs and circumstances.

We don’t use the body to get into a pose. We use the pose to get into the body.”
~ Bernie Clark

Dynamic Vinyasa

Dynamic vinyasa is a style in which we move from one posture to another in a flowing movement. This creates a stimulating flow in which things seem to just happen by themselves and your mind will become peaceful and quiet. This is further stimulated by synchronizing the movements to the beat of the music and your breathing.

Restorative Yin

During a yin practice we stay in poses for several minutes, supported by blankets, bolsters and blocks. The focus is on stretching muscles and fascia in a safe and constructive way in order to let go of tightness and stress in combination with deep and relaxed breathing. Yin yoga is a wonderful compensation for our often active and therefore yang dominated lives. It invitest to tune inward and surrender to the situation at hand.

“Meditate each day for half an hour, unless you are very busy, then meditate for an hour!”
~ Buddha


Mindful meditation

Meditation is practicing to stay focused with our awareness in the now. As our mind comes up with one story after the other – which is normal – we learn to not pay attention to all the chatter and instead lovingly acknowledge the arising of the stories. We don’t get involved, we don’t push away and simply observe. As we strengthen our awareness-muscle we experience longer periods of silence and disturbing thoughts and emotions don’t get grip on us.

Mindfulness can be extended into our daily lives off the meditation cushion by fully focusing at any task at hand and doing it with dedicated attention and awareness.


“There is nothing more important for personal growth and self-realization than to realize that you are not the voices in your head but the one who can hear those voices.”
~ Michael A. Singer

Pranayama – breathwork

Prana is life energy and it travels on the breath into our physical body from where the prana connects to our subtle energy body. When practiced regularly pranayama has beneficial effects on your feeling balanced, relaxed and energized.


Pregnancy and yoga – before/during/after

Expecting moms can definitely continue their regular (vinyasa) yoga practice, given that they have a steady practice and don’t experience pain. The growing belly and child impact the energy levels and range of movement of the body and there are plenty of possibilities to safely adapt your practice. There are a set of do’s and don’ts which I love to share with you. Once you know how to work with your changing body you can continue to practice in a group setting.


Private sessions 1 to 1

Working one on one is a great way to really tune in. There is room to tell your story, to ask questions, to learn more techniques and have a better understanding of your personal yoga practice. We could even build you a home practice. Private sessions are a beautiful way to make big steps in a short amount of time.


I support sisters in the yoga biz by subbing their classes when they have travel plans and the alike. I can regularly be found subbing for Noëlle’s Yoga in Amsterdam Noord at Pllek and Lichtcentrum.