Yoga for 2

This week I launched the good old “Huiskamer” yoga classes. Good because they are highly appreciated. Old because when I was taking my yoga training, I already taught this way to practice. 8 years down the road I now offer high-quality and profound yoga sessions for max 2 people at the same time at my place. I’m responding to the increased amount of time we spend watching a screen whether that is for work, for leisure or for relaxation – especially now during the lockdown.

We all know that we shouldn’t spend too much time behind a screen. Then, WHY do we stay glued to it all day long? I hope you, who are reading this knows and does better. It’s so important to go out and take a walk in nature. And if you need help, ask your neighbour’s dog to take you for a walk. That’s what I did during the first lockdown, when life suddenly turned online from one day to the other. I remember very well how teaching became something technical, looking at screens and cameras and adapting to this new way of being of service. I’m super grateful for the way we can stay connected now adays and how so much yoga is available via social media and platforms like zoom. However, I miss the personal real-life interaction and communication and along with me many others. And that's why I'm reintroducing the formula of Living Room Yoga.

For as long as I have more time on my hands as some of my group classes are cancelled because of the lockdown, I’m offering yoga classes for 2 people max at the same time at my place. There will be lots of personal attention and adjustments just meant for you and not “ Jan en alleman on the other side of the screen”. Adjustments will be verbal and hands-on (with mutual consent, of course). Little foot massages in savasana might be part of the TLC that I have to share. And we might chant some mantras.

These classes are that cherry on the pie gift-to-yourself as a wonderful add-on to the abundantly available online classes. Especially if you crave to do something off-line with likeminded people.

Expect gentle to intense vinyasa flow classes with time and space to focus on your personal challenges or areas of growths, and a cup of hot tea afterwards.

Class duration: 75 min
Investment: € 22,50 p.p.

Mats, blocks, belts, and blankets all available. No need to schlepp your own gear to class (unless you insist).

I’m also available for private session at your own living room. I’ll bring music, harmonium if you want, blocks and belts and an extra serving of TLC. You only need to have your own matt. Whether you are taking the class by yourself or with a friend or partner the rate per class remains the same and will be € 65,- for within Amsterdam.*

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Spots fill up quickly and depending on how things evolve I’ll be adding more slots to the schedule. Stay tuned.

* For requests outside of town travel costs will be charged.