Me Time

Do you happen to be one of those who tends to put other people’s priorities first? Forgetting about the promises you made towards yourself? How about creating some moments of “me-time” in your daily life? You can chose to unwind and recharge during one of the yoga classes or engage in a coaching cycle to work on your (forgotten) dreams and goals.


Me Time yoga & coaching (MTYC) is the name under which Karolien teaches yoga classes in Amsterdam and Haarlem and offers coaching according to the Creative Consciousness principles and guidelines.

Every time I feel honoured to be able to share what gives me so much joy, peace and energy. My deepest hope is that you are able to get back in touch with your inner Self and that you may feel re-charged and energetic and that you may take that moment of “me-time” into your daily life.”
~ Karolien